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Always wanted to do one of these. Guess I'll finally give it a whirl...
Message me with a screenshot. Some restrictions apply.

Congrats, to the winners! I will get back to you both shortly.
And made a new tumblr for my art:

My food pornography photography tumblr:
For anyone who doesn't know, I am Japanese. And while I was born and raised in Hawaii, all of my family on my father's side still resides in 日本. Please stop by and bid on the many wonderful fanworks and items being auctioned, or better yet, list something yourself! I don't take commissions normally, so please take advantage of this one-time opportunity.

I am offering a high-resolution digital artwork in one of the following formats:

Graphite Portrait (black & white, any fandom with reference)
Chibis/Cartoon (color, up to 3 characters, any fandom with references)
Slash (color, Wincest or J2; please contact me about other pairings before bidding)
Original Characters (color, up to 2; please contact me about your idea before bidding)

Slash is welcomed, but only non-explicit requests will be honored. Only simple backgrounds are included in the offering, so please contact me before bidding to request complex settings/landscapes.

An 8" x 10" print of the commissioned artwork will be mailed to the winning bidder to any location worldwide. Original sketches may also be made available depending on the type of artwork requested.


I'm hosting the latest round of Ask the Vidder/Artist over at the LiveJournal community SPN Roundtable. If you have any questions about my artwork or technical process, please do stop by!